Best Magnetic Charging Cables

Best Magnetic Charging Cables

I hope every technology lover agree with me when I say:

In today’s world, life is not possible without latest inventions in technology and in latest technology we have one more invention, Magnetic Charging Cables, Magnetic Chargers for Android and iOS users.

Well, once this product launch in the market which is also available on Amazon, there are plenty of companies launch their own Magnetic Chargers but finding “Best Magnetic Chargers” isn’t an easy job.

That is Why I am sharing a list of Best Magnetic Chargers 2017 and Magnetic Charging Cable 2017. After researching all online products and spending lots and lots of time on testing which one is good for Android and iOS users. I have shortlisted the Top 10 Best Magnetic Chargers which you can buy right now, right away.

Before sharing the list, I would like to share some points over the Magnetic Chargers And Magnetic Charging Cable in the market.

Today, technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Each day innovations and technologies have come into our lives, made them an integral part of our daily routines and have made ease all sorts of works. Whether it be an industrial work, corporate work or personal work, gadgets have always been tremendously useful for us. One such invention that proved to be incredibly revolutionary was the introduction of Smartphones.

Smartphones are essentially small computers that are fitted into our pocket in the form of mobile phones. They can help us do some things and help us in our daily routines. These phones are smart as can perform tasks such as calling, messaging, keeping track of your health, play music, play videos, remind you of your tasks, meetings, talk to you (voice assistant) and so many things that it is impossible to count. However, while doing all this, smartphones have always been criticized due to two aspects, their vulnerability to breaking and battery life.

Most of the times, smartphones stop working either due to one reason, battery getting worn out, or the screen shattering due to falling. In order to eliminate both issues, the best solution today is to opt for magnetic chargers.

Before sharing some of the top notch magnetic charging cables list, I would like to share basic information for those buyers who want to grab knowledge about best magnetic charging cables.

What are Magnetic Chargers And Magnetic Charging Cables?

Magnet charger works like normal chargers and have a cable even a magnetic charging cables and the same head of a USB charger. However, the connector that connects to the charging port of the device is magnetic and is attachable.

What this means is that the magnetic connector can always stay connected with the device’s charging port, and the cable can be connected when required. Now, how can it be beneficial for the users?

Benefits of Magnetic Chargers And Magnetic Charging Cables –

The magnetic connector allows a hassle free charging experience for the user. Fitting in the charger in darkness or dim light situations has always been difficult for everyone, but with the magnets working, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Moreover, most falls happen due to someone tripping over the cell phone’s charging cable while it is connected, however, with the use of the magnetic charger, the cable will just disconnect from the device and prevent any or all falls.

Furthermore, with the magnetic charger being connected, there is no leakage of electricity or current, which can harm your device. No dust is inserted into the charging port, which further ensures that the charging cycle is not affected and the life of the device is prolonged. Most of the magnetic chargers also enable fast charging, which means that these chargers can very well work like your branded charger or maybe even faster than it. They are crafted with strong magnets and will remain strong and connected even under moderate force.

It is the perfect solution for several people who have issues of charging problems, dust getting into port, and cable always unplugging. These chargers can also be used for data transmission, without any issues. Today, magnet chargers are available for both Android and iOS devices. While separate chargers are available for these devices, some chargers are available, which can work very well for the both of them.

Following is the list of top 10 best magnetic chargers that you can buy today for your device:

1. Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic Braided USB Charging (Best For Android Users)Netdot 2nd Generation Magnetic Braided USB Charging

This is unarguably one of the best magnetic phone charger available in the market. It has a strong magnetic force and fast charging for Android phones such as Note 2/3/4/5, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S6, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact/Premium, LG G4 G3 and various other Android mobile phones with Micro USB port support. However, Samsung S7 is not included in the supported devices.

It is the perfect charger to prevent ragged charging cables, tripping over the cable, which normally results in the phone getting smashed. It also removes the hassle of pointless fiddling that happens while plugging in the cable in the dark. Moreover, it also solves the mobile phone’s problem of dust accumulation at the charging port over a long period. This effectively prolongs the life of the mobile phone. The Netdot upgraded magnetic cable supports USB 2.0 transmission, saving the time and energy, and fastens the charging speed. It has strong magnetic and support for one hand operation bringing full convenience.

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2. Magnetic Charging Cables Durable Lightning Reversible USB Fast Charging

Magnetic Charging Cable Durable Lightning Reversible USB Fast Charging

The MCDODO Magnetic Charging Cables have a luxurious look and feel to it. It is made up of premium quality and offers strong durability. This one cable can power up almost all your Apple devices single handily. It supports the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, SE, 6 Plus, 6, 6s Plus, 6, 7 Plus, 7, iPod, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad.

The magnetic iPhone charger can allow you to save your time by offering you 30% fast charging speed than most of the other cables. It also includes a magnetic anti-dust pin capable of reversible charge and data syncing when it is connected to a laptop. Charging and sync are indicated by Blue LED lights. The auto-aim magnet head slots allow it to be put in easily, without falling off your device as other lighting cables. This nylon premium braided cord promises you tangle free experience, and this will surely be the last charging cable you purchase. If you find yourself tripping your cable often, and own any sort of iOS device, this is the perfect cable option for you.

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3. NetDot 2 Pack 2nd Generation Magnetic USB Charger & Adapter

NetDot 2 Pack 2nd Generation Magnetic USB Charger & Adapter

One of the best magnetic chargers available in the market, the NetDot upgraded magnetic charging cables offers a strong magnetic connection, fast charging and data sync option for all iOS devices, however, it does not support any kind of LED lights while doing so. The charging cable is compatible with devices such as iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPod, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, SE, 6 Plus, 6, 6s Plus, 6s, 7 Plus, and 7.

It is the finest solution you can find for your Apple device. The magnet charger can smoothly fit in the charging port, and you will never have to worry about tripping over the charging cable and shattering your device anymore. While there is no charged connected, the magnetic connector does not allow any dust to go in the charging port, which further enhance the life of your device.

With the NetDot upgraded magnetic cable, you no longer have to worry about plugging in the device in the dark. Moreover, it can also be used as apple watch magnetic charging cables. The cable is made of premium quality, and as soon as you plug it in, it is ready to charge your iOS device without any issues.

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4. iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable

iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable

The iKNOWTECH Magnetic charging cables uses a gold-plated interface that is efficient to the core.  It reduces the contact resistance of the plug, and make sure that the plug is durable, long lasting, with accurate data transmission. It uses imported NdFeB magnets as material for strong magnetism force, thus making it a reliable magnetic charger. It never falls off while charging, and you can be assured that there will be no damage even if someone trips over the cable.

It contains a miniature charging magnet design, which allows for lighter weight, compact size, and dust plug design. The 24k gold contact makes the electric conductivity much better, and compatible with most of the slim phone cases. Furthermore, thanks to the application of poles aligned and compact design, the ends of the interface can easily absorb. It allows for one hand support and reduces physical damage towards the port.

The magnetic micro USB design makes charging more simpler and supports all major Micro USB company devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. If you are looking for a reliable magnetic cable charger for brands such as Sony or Samsung, this one is unarguably the best magnetic phone charger choice you can make.

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5. SOJITEK Genuine Magnetic Charging Charger

SOJITEK Genuine Magnetic Charging Charger

The SOJITEK magnetic charger is a well-designed and optimized charger. It can offer you everything that you can expect from a standard magnetic cable charged. It offers a connector for charging as well as data syncing. When connected, LED lights to indicate charging or data sync. Replacement options are also available by the company for this, which adds a bonus for the user.

Furthermore, the connection the magnet charger offers is an incredibly strong one. Once connected, the charger won’t disconnect even after moderate to vigorous shakes, so you can be assured that your phone won’t shatter soon due to someone accidentally tripping over the charging cable. The connected magnetic port also offers dust protection for the charging port. Moreover, the charger offers a 2A output and offer fast charging as compared to other chargers. The charger simplifies charging on the go and makes you realize that the time for normal cable chargers has gone old. The charger does what it claims, and performance is not an issue at all. At a decent price point, this is one of the best Android smartphone chargers that anyone can opt for.

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6. HKW Magnetic MicroUSB Charging Cable

HKW Magnetic MicroUSB Charging Cable

The HKW magnetic MicroUSB charger is a lightweight charger, ready to be used on the go. It allows for easy connection to the cable, with a simple click. There’s no issue in getting the cable connected to the smartphone. The cable can be used to charge as well as for data syncing. There is no issue in connecting the cable to your device or the computer. Only one hand is needed to operate the charging. It allows for a rapid charge experience, and with a 2.4A output, your phone will be charged faster than ever.

The magnetic cable is pretty standard and simple, and the performance of it is decent enough for anyone to purchase it. It is available at a cheap price point and if you are having problems with dust getting in your charging port, or you often trip over your charging cable, this is the perfect magnet charger for you. It does genuine work to all sorts of phones, and is a decent recommendation for the premium line-up of phones, due to its fast-charging capabilities.

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7. New 3rd Generation, 2.4A High-Speed Charging Magnetic Lightning Cable (Best For iOS & Android)

New 3rd Generation, 2.4A High Speed Charging Magnetic Lightning Cable

Have a number of different devices in your home? Then this magnetic charger is the best option for you. Bringing in the latest technology, this magnet charger is both compatible with an iPhone charger and iPhone charger. With this magnetic cable, you will not ever have to worry about finding your device getting charged in the dark. LED lights always indicate when your device is being charged. As soon as the charging begins, the LED light turns from green to blue.

Worried that someone will trip over your cable? With magnetic charging cables, this worry is eliminated because as soon as someone trips over the cable, the cable will automatically detach itself from the phone. Moreover, the braided charge cable will easily be the last cable that you will ever need to purchase. This charger will also help you protect your charging port better, by always guarding it and filling it. Moreover, the cable is durable, and there is no constant unplugging or plugging from the device. With the purchase of the product, you will get a 100% money back guarantee, which further makes the deal a risk-free one. So if you own some Android and iOS devices together, this cable can prove to be the very best charging cable for you and your family.

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8. 3rd Generation 2x Magnetic Braided USB Charging Cable

3rd Generation 2x Magnetic Braided USB Charging Cable

The 3rd Generated detachable magnetic charger is significantly reduced abrasion during the plugging of the cable. It is easy to connect and easy to separate. LED indicators allow a person to see the charger in the dark, and the package of this product includes 2 Magnet cables along with 4 connectors.

The charger can be connected instantly and can charge using both sides. It is capable of charging and data syncing, without any hassles. The magnetic connector works as an anti-dust plug, while it is not being used for charging. Moreover, it also stops charging once the device is full. It comes as a perfect solution to prevent the phone shattering due to sudden falls, and pointless trifling in the dark with the cable. The charger is fully compatible with all Micro USB Android smartphones and tablets, and Apple products such as iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad Pro, etc. The charged package also comes with bonus accessories worth more than $15, which further ensures best-value money.

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9. Garas USB Metal Magnetic Data Cable, Micro USB & Lighting Interface 2 in 1

Garas USB Metal Magnetic Data Cable, Micro USB & Lighting Interface 2 in 1

The Garas Metal Magnetic Charger supports double sided charging from either both back and front side. The data cable also supports data transmission other than charging. A single magnet cable can support both the Android and iOS system.

It transmits moderate magnet force that is adequate to charge your mobile and transfer data. The cable and magnet head are separate and are mad up of nano-level soft magnetic force. The magnet head can be replaced to fit your Android or iOS device easily and charge the device. It is extremely convenient to use.

32 pieces of nylon braided wires wounded externally ensures that the charger can be durable and wear-resistance to the maximum. A total of 100 pieces of copper wires are designed together to ensure reliable charging experience. Moreover, the magnet head is dustproof, which can prevent dust from affecting the charging of the phone.

The smart chip of the magnet head is the same as the original 8 pin and thus leaves no space for the pop-up window. Moreover, this chip also prevents excessive current from damaging your device. The magnet charged is compatible with a number of devices including iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s plus, 6, plus, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad, iPad nano, apple watch charging, iPod touch, and Android products of companies such as LG, Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, OPPO, Lenovo, Huawei and some more micro USB devices.

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10. Magnetic Micro USB Quick Charging Cable 40 Inches, High-Speed USB 2.0

Magnetic Micro USB Quick Charging Cable 40 Inches, High Speed USB 2.0

The features of this magnetic charger include reduced abrasion to easily plug in and out the device, a standard detachable magnetic connector, which is easily able to snap from any angle. It is compatible with all micro-USB 2.0 ports devices of companies such as Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Out of charging, the magnetic connector can serve as an anti-dust plug. Dust will not enter the charging port, which will further enhance proper charging experience and improve the life of the device.

With the use of this charger, you can easily release your hands off your android phone and never worry about someone tripping on your charging cable. Also, Check Out Wiki Information About Magnetic Charging Cables.

Even in full darkness, plugging in the charger is not a difficult job anymore. The charging cable and magnetic connector will conveniently attach without any issues, and the charging experience will begin. Moreover, data can also be transmitted using this cable.

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