Garas USB Metal Magnetic Charging Cable | Best Of 2017 Hands-On Review

Garas USB Metal Magnetic Data Cable

Garas USB Metal Magnetic Charging Cable – Technology is making our lives easier day-by-day. And we can’t imagine our lives without technology and its inventions. And we can see a new invention every day, in technology. Then, today we came here with one more amazing invention in technology, that is Magnetic Charging Cable, it is getting more popular day-by-day. And it is gaining lots of customers every day.

And the best part is, all the users are very happy with this gadget. The best part is, it is also getting fantastic reviews from the users. So, guys, let’s give a look at this full review of Magnetic Charging Cable, in which below you will get every possible and true information about Magnetic Charging Cable. So, folks, let’s give a look.

Features Of Magnetic Charging Cable –

Quality Of The Garas USB Metal Magnetic Charging Cable –

The metal magnetic data cable is silver in color and in spite of being cutting edge technology tool is made of environment-friendly material. It is certified with CE, FCC and RoHS standards reinstating the fact that the product is reliable.

4 core wires are combined with 100 copper wire to impart durability and enhanced data transfer speed. Compare the product to similar cables and you will find it streets ahead of them. In addition, numerous nylon braided wires are entwined to make the product immune from wear and tear. In fact, the USB metal cable can easily be installed in rough terrain without the danger of damages.

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Compatibility Of This New Tech Invention –

The item beats the competition hands down when compatibility is concerned. Magnet cable works seamlessly both with the Android and IOS gadget. Users will not witness any time lag due to the presence of the soft magnetic force working at the nano level.

As far as the scathing of the mode is concerned, the metal data cable can be instantly plugged for charging.  In some products, the magnetic force is quite high, therefore it causes disruption in the working of the mobile phone and tablets.

Moderate magnetic field of the cable allows both IOS and Android to work without any problem. Th heads can easily be replaced so that they can work with the mobile phone and initiate a data transfer at high speed.

Impeccable Design Of Magnetic Head –

The design of the magnetic head is equipped with the plug responsible for prevention of the accumulation of the dust. The particles coagulate at a single point and can disrupt the magnetic field of the device.

The presence of the smart chip on the head ensures that the head works like 8 pins for the transfer of information. In some cables, frequent pop-ups occur due to disturbances but with USB the manufacturers have done away with the issue. Data transfer with noise is essential for the customers while they are carrying out important transactions on the internet.

One of the best features is that both IOS and Android head can be changed for charging the device. It is particularly useful when you are traveling from one place to another. Smart pin plays an important role in controlling the flow of the current. There have been many instances in the past when uncontrolled charging not only lead to the destruction of the battery but also of the device. Excessive current also heats up the processor resulting in the disruption of the operating system of the mobile phones.

Double Sided Flexibility –

Double sided charging flexibility is an added plus to the customer. Whether it is the front or back side, they can work seamlessly with smartphones. Although Android is compatible with the cable some Apple devices may have to be handled in a different way during data transmission process. When you are connecting the IOS phone to the computer, make sure that the screen delivers output within the specified time frame.

If not, do not fret but rotate either the magnet head or change the sides of the cable. In all probability, the device is bound to work lock stock and barrel. Due to support for transmission from both sides, the charging has become like a walk in the park for the people. Gone are the days when the phones lost the charge within hours because help is available right away in the form of metallic cable. In fact, it is better than the best in terms of flexibility.

Smart Indicators –

 Manufacturers have to be congratulated for incorporating smart lights in the cable to denote that the device is fully charged. In addition, the power kicks in when the cable is connected to the phone. Easy to use interface and simple instructions make the product an absolute necessity for both Android and I phone users.

The Speed Of Data Transmission Of Magnetic Charging Cable –

Now, we want to share some useful information about Magnetic Charging Cable. With a simple magnetic head, the functionality of numerous pins has been bundled into a single component. A simple connects to the phone and the user is already on the information super highway. The pace of charging and the high-speed data transfer ensures that the quality is available at cost effective price.

Phone Models –

Different phone models can be used with USB cable. For instance, apple phones right from series 5 are compatible and do not cause any issue while being connected to the device. It is important to check the ends of the cable that are being plugged into the smartphone. Once confirmed, the whole process is easy and hassle free.

As far as IPADS are concerned, numerous versions such as mini, mini1, mini2 and mini3 can be easily fitted with the USB metallic cable. You can plug the wires into the battery bank and the charger to accomplish the task without any problem.

Android devices ranging from Huawei to Lenovo are compatible with the cable to ensure sterling results to the users. Within a matter of few minutes, the who device is charged and ready to be used. It is vital to make sure that the cable is properly handled so that the data transfer can take place at optimum speed.

Micro USB interface is imbibed into the device and makes it compatible with all the Android tablets. You can book the device from the reputed website and get is delivered right at the door steps. Free shipping is provided by the retailer if the total worth of the cables exceed 35$.

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 Since its advent in the market, the Metal magnetic data cable has become the target of the masses. With lighting interface to boot, operating the product is quite a simple task. It is lightweight and quite portable. The insulation offers ironclad protection from the damages.

Its inherent strength lies incompatibility that allows the device to work with smartphones no matter what make they are. Then, using the amazing magnetic head, the speed of the data transfer can be accelerated by many notches. 

In short buying, the metal USB cable is an intelligent decision and would go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the smartphones.

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