iKNOWTECH The Best Magnetic Micro USB Cable | Full Hands-On Review 2017

iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable

iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable – Magnet chargers are taking the lead off traditional chargers for quite a while now. They are incredibly convenient to use, and clearly, have much more uses than normal chargers. More and more people are opting for these new types of chargers, where the design is modular to keep the device as well as charger protected.

There are numerous advantages of switching over to a magnetic cable. One of the most popular magnetic cables that you can find is the iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable.

After sharing some of the best magnetic charging cables, now we are going to share one more magnetic charging cable, named iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable. And as our previous reviews, this time also, we are sharing this product before using this product personally. Then, folks, we hope you will get everything below, about iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable. So, guys, let’s give a look at this best hands-on review of iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable.

Following Are The Features Of This Cable –

Pros Of iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable –

  • Ease to use
  • Does not detach itself and can be comfortably used in a moving object, such as a car
  • USB cable cloth covered for extra strength
  • Flexible Cable ready to use
  • Green Light on magnetic end of cable help connects it, as it can only be used one way.

Cons Of iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable –

  • Price may be high for a few individuals
  • Cannot separately buy cable or magnetic head
  • May bring off the magnetic head sometimes if cable pulled with force
  • The cable is only 1 meter long in length

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Modular Design

The charger and adapter boast of a modular design, which means the components, can be dissembled. The charger adapter consists of two components, the magnetic head, and the cable. These two components can be separated and put back pretty conveniently.

Both of these are attached using a magnet.

Magnetic Force

The charger holds a good magnetic force between the magnetic connector and the cable. It does not go off easily due to the strong magnetism force. The cable and connector stay connected even in moving vehicles such as cars. All you have to do is bring the cable near the connector, and it will connect automatically. Only under moderate force will it separate, so it won’t just fall off with little movement, and will not stay connected if someone trips over it, thus ultimately saving the smartphone.


The material used in the making of the magnet head and cable are quality-assured. The cable and magnet head are both sturdy, and deliver what is required. They are crafted out of solid material, which ensures that there is no leakage of current, and no issue arises while you are charging your device. This also further ensures that the life of the charger is greatly prolonged due to the use of good materials.


iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable is an amazing magnetic charging cable. Then, now we are sharing everything about the compatibility of iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable. The charger can be used with almost all Android devices. It utilizes Micro USB 2.0, which is thoroughly compatible with most of the smartphones today. Moreover, the charger can also be used to transfer data between devices, such as between your phone and laptop. The charging experience and data transfer experience is fast, and there is no inconvenience caused while using it.

The charger is particularly good for smartphones of companies such as Samsung and Sony. The charger also allows the same fast charging functionality that the original chargers of these companies give, along with additional functionality.

Prevent Damage

Many times someone may trip over your charging cable, and due to which, your phone screen may shatter. However, with the use of this charger, you will never have to worry about such problems. Even if someone trips over your cable, it will automatically detach from your device, saving your phone’s screen. With the use of this charger, it is no longer a hassle to connect your charger in a dim-lit or dark place, as the magnets will automatically attach.


As the magnet head is a separate component, it can stay on the phone even after the charging has been completed. It can serve as a dust protector for your charging port. Many times, some problems rises due to dust being accumulated in the charging slot, however, with the use of the magnet head, this won’t be the case with you. This will also ensure that the life of your smartphone is prolonged and no damage is done to it.


The charger is extremely easy to carry anywhere, due to its portable nature. It is lightweight and of a small size. It is easy to use, and you do not have to perform any additional things to make it work. All you have to do is, attach the cable and the magnet head, and then plug the charger into a power source. Moreover, it can be operated with one hand, which adds to the convenience of the user. LED lights also indicate when the charger is charging.

It can accurately transmit data between two devices and helps you charge your device conveniently.

No wearing off

The durable nature of the cable protects it from being worn off. Moreover, as you do not have to constantly plug in and unplug the cable, the life of the cable prolongs. Less damage is done to it, and it works longer. It also works the other way around, and the charging port is also protected due to this. This helps keep both the cable and the device safe, and they take no damage.

The 24k Gold Contact ensures that the interaction is more efficient, and also reduces the contact resistance of the plug. It also allows for the plug to last a longer time.


Now, we have shared everything about iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable, and I hope you liked this review. Still, if you have any query about this product. Then leave your comment in the comment section below. Well, folks, If you wish to get a charging cable for your Android device and wish to get the same fast charging experience, then this charger is by far the best you will find. It is convenient to use and easy to operate. It can be used anywhere, without any worries. iKNOWTECH Magnetic Micro USB Cable can offer protection to your phone’s charging port, and the resilience of both the two components make sure that they work for a longer time.

Price point may be a downfall for some people. However, the functionality of this cable beats all odds. The compatibility list for this charger is pretty long, and it can also fit in very well with most slim phone cases, which is another plus point.      

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