Magnetic Micro USB Quick Charging Cable 40 Inches, High-Speed USB 2.0 – Full Hands On Reviews

Magnetic Micro USB Quick Charging Cable 40 Inches

Magnetic Micro USB – Technology is raising its hands day by day, and magnetic charging cables are one of the excellent inventions in technology. Well, here on our blog, we always talk about magnetic charging cables. Even, we have shared top 10 magnetic charging cables. Then, today we are going to review one the best magnetic charging cables. Below we will share every possible, pros and cons. And also you will get every small and big features of this magnetic charging cable. Let’s give a look.

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Right from smartphones to tablets, charging is required primarily due to the advancement in processor and the resourced consumed by the increasingly new applications. The arrival of the magnetic micro USB charging cable has proved to be a boon for the users. They are quite fascinated by the numerous features the device is equipped with. Let’s find out how the latest product is changing the way people are charging mobile phones.

Features Of Magnetic Micro USB –

Magnetic Micro USB Quick Charging Cable 40 Inches

No Abrasion:

Let’s start with non-stoppable features of Magnetic Micro USB, before going to share anything about this fantastic product. Let me know you, that, very first, we asked our team members to use this product, and share their reviews about it. And I am feeling glad to tell, you. That everybody, who used this product, loves this Magnetic Micro USB and it gained lots of big YES. Now give a look at the complete review of Magnetic Micro USB Cable.

The magnetic connector is detachable, therefore it can work easily with any smartphone. As far as the design is concerned, the product is modular and can be quickly disassembled. One of the most important features is that it can be snapped from any angle. In the majority of the cables, the connectors are inbuilt and may create compatibility issue. If the component as not detachable, it would have damaged the cable due to abrasion. Regular insertion and plugging in of the wire cause such problems from a long-term perspective.

Durability :

The cable is made of durable material that can survive in adverse condition without any problem. The design is the key to success while using the product. In spite of oozing stylish appearance, it can easily charge any type of device within the shortest possible time frame. The presence of the magnetic head plays an important role in enhancing the data transfer speed because it creates a moderate magnetic field in the vicinity.

Cross Platform Range:

Universal compatibility of the product has made it an absolute masterpiece cable for data transfer. Connecting the device is quite simple. No matter what type of smartphone you are carrying, one end of the wit could be plugged into the gadget and the other end to the power source. Micro USB 2.0 Port support ensures that the charging is completed instantly. It also displays stellar performance while transferring the files from the smartphone to the computer.

Compared to other products, the cable takes the cake. It is versatile and meets the requirements of the clients whether it is connected to HTC or Motorola smartphone.

Magnetic Micro USB With Powerful Plug:

After purchasing the cable, I saw a magnetic head. Apart from charging or information transfer, it is also used to ensure that the dust doesn’t accumulate one the cable. The majority of the dust particles create additional current and cause harm to the smartphone. Sometimes they disrupt the functionality of the gadget causing a plethora of issues. It is important to install the plug if the charging task is accomplished.

Powerful Magnetic Properties:

Magnetic coupling with the Micro USB cable is far greater than the traditional connector. It can work with both ends without any issue. All you have to do is to plug the connector into the suitable slot and watch how the device works delivering sterling performance.


While you are driving, connect the cable to the Android phone. It can accomplish the task wit minimum fuss. The chances of loose ends and the power supply getting disrupted don’t arise. Snapping the connector at an angle is essential if the micro USB port has to transfer data in a seamless manner. In other products, the clients might not find the blazing speed that the cable 2.0 provides with.

Easy Plugin:

The cable can be easily connected to the phone and doesn’t get unplugged on a fly. For instance, if you are moving the vehicle on a rugged terrain the magnetic connector remains attached to the port. It ensures that the charging is continued in a seamless manner. With the new product, you do not have to worry about the data transfer or the charging of the smartphone.

Perfect Magnet:

The magnet is perfect to the core and is tightly fitted, therefore compared to other cables it doesn’t come out easily. In spite of being a lightweight cable, it can carry a lot of charges and complete the task within minutes. Irrespective of the high powered processor of the tablet, the cable connector works with optimum efficiency.

New Generation, Magnetic Micro USB:

Due to the magnetic end, the cable provides complete freedom from insertions. Generally, frequent pulling out of the connectors can cause lots of damages to the cable. Once the device is attached to the port, it ensures complete security to the users. The cable automatically gets attached to the port due to magnetic properties and also ensures that the resultant field doesn’t in anyway cause impediment in the data transfer.

Warranty Of Magnetic Micro USB:

Since you will be buying the product from a reputed retailer, manufacturer warranty is provided to ensure that the cables can be replaced if they are not performing according to the requirements and specifications.

Compared to the conventional cables, it can work for a longer period of time under varieties of conditions. Internal nylon braids ensure that the data signals are transferred without any problem and interference. It helps to cancel the noise that might arise while the charging is being carried out.


Touted as the third generation micro USB cable, the offering can easily work with multiple devices right from Samsung To Xiaomi.  It is particularly useful for the Android devices and can work from, both ends in a flawless manner. Despite a powerful magnetic component, the transfer of data speed is second to none.

Moreover, the cost of the product is quite low in spite of imbibing so many qualities. It is promptly shipped to the user’s destination within a very short time frame. Compact design accompanied by wonderful features has made the product quite popular. They can carry the cable and plug in the charger when presented with an opportunity.

Automatic synchronization is available to the users so that they can initiate information flow while using the plug and play technique. A stable connection is a key to make sure that the whole process is accomplished in an impeccable manner.

Snapping the cable requires a fraction of the second and doesn’t affect the mechanical components of the USB port. Thus, it can be said that purchasing the micro USB product is a wise decision.

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